Cleaning the fryer

Fryers should be boiled out with commercial fryer cleaner before filling up the fryer with fresh oil


  1. Drain the fryer while oil is still warm, and properly dispose of used oil. Rinse the fryer with hot water until all crumbs are flushed out.
  2. Boil out fryer, baskets, skimmers, etc. with good commercial cleaner designed for cleaning deep fryers and follow the manufacturer's instructions for use (An initial 30 minutes boil-out is the usual recommendation). Clean the metal baskets simultaneously by immersing them in the solution – this will loosen the polymerized material that has formed on the baskets. Turn the heat off and remove all the loosened deposits with a nylon scrub pad. Do not use metal scrub pads or wire brushes as there will scratch the finish and possibly leave metal shavings in the fryer. All traces of polymerized material should be removed.
  3. Drain and rinse the fryer, baskets and skimmers several times with clear tap water.
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  5. Fill fryer with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 20 parts hot water. This vinegar rinse neutralizes and removes residues.
  6. Drain, rinse and thoroughly dry with lint free towels. Paper towels are best, as laundered towels may contain traces of soap. Air drying overnight is another option. Remember that water is a prime cause of oil breakdown.
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  8. Check drain valves. Many drain valves are made of copper. Ensure that the oil does not come in contact with copper. Copper supports oxidation, and imparts an off-flavour to your fried food.
  9. Refill the fryer to the correct level with Bunge Pro oil. Do not mix Bunge Pro oil with other oils. New fryers should be cleaned following the above procedure.