When should you change the oil

  1. The colour of your oil alone is not an indicator of when the oil needs to be changed. Use the fried food comparison chart as an indicator. It is the food quality that should determine when the oil needs to be changed.
  2. When food reaches range (D) or darker, perform a test to insure the usability of frying oil.
  3. Check for excess smoking of the oil.
  4. Change the oil when both the test results and this visual guide fulfil the management criteria of oil change.

  1. The food is very light in colour, looks unappealing, and may be undercooked.
  2. The food is light in colour. Although probably cooked thoroughly, the food is not as appealing as it could be.
  3. The food is golden brown and delicious, perfect for serving.
  4. The food looks darker as it should, and may also be retaining the flavour of other fried foods. Time to check and consider the oil change.
  5. The food is too dark and looks unappealing. A flavour transfer is occurring. It's definitely time to change the oil.